Memorial Day: Honoring Those that Serve

In honor of the men and women that served our country, and those that are currently, the Harford County Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee presented Pinwheels for Patriots, an initiative designed to remind us of the daily sacrifices our military members make. We can never repay the debts we owe to these brave men and women, but we hope that when you see pinwheels blowing in the breeze, you’ll be reminded of of a person you love that gave everything for our freedom. 

In Honor of: 

Clifford Luke Malanowski, Sr. US Marine Corps

Jerome Zarachowicz, US Marine Corps

John Krysiak, US Navy

Calvin Brightman, US Navy

John Boylan, US Army

Tim Peifley, US Navy

Henry Fronczak, US Marine Corps

1st Lt. Joseph Kavanagh

2nd Lt. Lane Kavanagh, US Army

A. Michael Kavanagh, U.S. Army (retired)

Spc. James Sengstacke, US Army

Valerious Kaligaris, WWII Veteran

Warren Breece, Vietnam Veteran

Julian D. Mathis, WWII Veteran

Thomas J. Glynn, USs Army Air Corps – 421st Fighter Squadron – P38 Lightning

Clarence Boyle

Allen Whitlock, Air National Guard

Teddy Dupack, US Army, Korean Era Conflict

Travis Chinery, US Navy Veteran

Richard Bounds, US Marine Corp Veteran

Lieutenant Colonel James V. (Vincent) Fleming Jr., US Army Aleutian Command of WWII

Jon Neskow, US Navy

Thomas Shanahan

Gilbert Owen, US Army

Kenneth Murel

John Coplen

Allen Hathaway

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