7 Quick Ways to Freshen Up Your Social Media Presence

Is increasing sales one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Are you focusing on building your brand? As we move through the first quarter, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your use of social media to help meet your goals. Social media platforms are changing constantly and it can be difficult to keep up. These quick and easy tips will spark ideas and keep you ahead of the curve. (And your competitors!) Social media apps want to encourage use of their latest tools, so when you do, you will most likely be rewarded with increased views and engagement.

1. Utilize Story Links

Previously exclusive to those with 10,000+ followers, Instagram released story links to all accounts in October of 2021. This is great for business because it means users can take 2 fewer steps in your call to action. Instead of them having to visit your profile and find a link in your bio, or even worse type out your link into their browser, they can simply tap the button in your story. To add a link to your story, first, upload your photo and then tap the sticker button. The blue link button will allow you to paste your link, creating a button on your image. You can edit the button colors by tapping it.

If you have your Instagram and Facebook accounts synced, you can share your Instagram story to Facebook and the story link will transfer. Toggle on Facebook sharing before you post and choose the option to “always share on Facebook,” so that your future posts will be shared on both platforms.

2. Joint Post on Instagram

If you collaborate with influencers or other businesses, you need to be taking advantage of joint posting. With Instagram’s Collab feature, multiple accounts can post the same image or video with joint ownership. The content is then shown to both audiences. This means that your images and video will reach a new set of potential customers. Another benefit of the Collab feature is that multiple collaborators don’t have the work of creating similar posts. To create a joint post, upload your image, edit it, and then below the caption box there is an option to “Tag People.” Tap that tagging option, then “Invite Collaborator.” Type in their username to send them an invitation to Collab. If you don’t see this option, try updating your Instagram app.

3. Post Answers to Most-Asked Questions

Answering frequently searched questions is the best way to increase views of your content across all platforms. But, what is your audience asking? Head over to AnswerThePublic to find out! AnswerThePublic tracks data from search engines and keeps a record of search terms and questions related to your keyword. Simply search terms related to your industry or niche, and then use the results to formulate new content. The best part is that this tool is free, but you can purchase a subscription for even more data.

4. It’s Time to Get Reel

Instagram Reels are short video clips which often use community trends. Unlike Instagram Stories which only last 24 hours, they live permanently on your profile. You may have heard about or seen Instagram Reels on your explore page, but remain hesitant to post any yourself. Getting your face in front of the camera and creating video content can be intimidating. However, Instagram users who post frequent reels are favored by the algorithm and reels can get 3-4 times the views than standard posts. It’s time to make your brand known in 2022 by picking up your phone and recording a quick video that answers your clients’ frequently-asked questions or inspires them to take action. Once you create your first Reel, it will get easier! Instagram recommends that you post 5-7 Reels a week for best results, but set a goal that is attainable with your resources.

5. Use Trending Sounds

When you post to Instagram Reels OR TikTok, add a top trending sound. Videos created with trending audio are prioritized in both algorithms. Take this a step further by using the format associated with the sound and relating it to your niche. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and participate in a playful skit, for example.

If you are planning to post a video of you speaking and none of the trending sounds exactly fit your video, you should still add a trending sound but turn the volume of the sound all the way down. This way, the sound won’t distract from what you have to say but it will still push your video out to more viewers.

6. Automate Customer Service

As customers users increasingly turn to social media with questions about your service or product, you need to be prepared to answer them in a timely manner. Make this easier on both you and the customer by setting up automatic responses on Facebook. Once you do this, frequently asked questions will automatically appear in a chat box when a user views your Facebook page. To set up automated responses in Messanger, navigate to your page settings and select “Messaging” and then scroll down to “Set up automated responses.” Then select “Frequently asked questions” to add your questions and answers with the “Messenger” option toggled on. If you have synched your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you can have these automatic replies display on Instagram as well by toggling on the Instagram option on.

7. Tap into Your Community

Many business-oriented community groups offer free or low-cost social media features. If you haven’t already, contact your local Chamber of Commerce or business association and ask how they can help promote your organization.

Additionally, joining these groups can help you meet other professionals in industries adjacent to you. This can open the door to fruitful partnerships. For example, if you are a wedding photographer you should establish connections with wedding venues and florists. As you build these relationships, there may be opportunities to cross-promote social media content AND refer clients to each other.

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