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Do you know the cost of printing a single page? Is your business vulnerable to the growing security threats posed by ransomware? Gaining a better understanding of your printing and IT environment through an office technology assessment is the first step to developing a strategy to control printing-related expenses and ensure data security.

Doceo has a proven track record of helping organizations significantly lower their printing and IT management costs while implementing technology solutions for the long term. We can help your organization through a technology assessment.

During past assessments, we often implement the following things to help our clients reduce costs and improve their workflows: copier lease buyouts, transitioning to remote working environments and managed IT services.

Copier Lease Buyouts

The copier you leased a few years ago was the perfect solution for your day-to-day business needs. Now, your company has grown and that legally-binding contract that is no longer meeting your business needs.

We can assist you with analyzing your current lease and buying out your existing lease through a copier lease buyout. Learn more about this process here.

A copier lease buyout is many times the only feasible option for a business that is unhappy with their current service provider, terms or equipment. The beauty of a buyout is that even though it may seem like a daunting or tedious task, it’s actually quite simple. Doceo will assist you with the process and will be beside you every step of the way.

Remote Working Environments

As competition for labor heats up and job openings go unfilled, are you fully prepared for what may become a permanent transition to hybrid work environments for your team?

Doceo offer the solutions, and the expertise, to re-tool your technology infrastructure in a way that protects your intellectual property while providing all of the productivity tools that your team needs to work from home both effectively and safely.

  • Office 365 Conversions
  • Firewalls & Secure VPN
  • Local Server Alternatives
  • Voice Over IP Phone Solutions
  • Remote Printing Solutions

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services bundle all the technology services that you need into a single, monthly fixed expense with Doceo, and are often the result of a technology assessment. An IT assessment can both expedite remediation of areas of risk and eliminate the need to make large up-front investments in technology.

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