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Your pet needs daily attention to be happy, healthy and safe!

Whether it’s just another normal day at the office or having to put in longer hours, attending your children’s extra-curricular activities or even traveling for work or the holidays, it’s important to proactively ensure your pet’s well-being every day.

While most dog owners realize their canines need more attention during the day for those all-important potty breaks, our felines need daily care too! It’s important to remember that our pets are creatures of habit and keeping to their normal routines enhances their overall well-being, happiness and even safety.

Peace of Mind from a Professional

Professional pet care has become a fast-growing industry of experienced pet experts. No longer do pet owners have to rely upon the kindness of friends, family or neighbors!

Even better, today’s pet professionals possess a wealth of information and hands-on experience in caring for the pets entrusted in their charge; including:

Pet CPR; Pet First Aid; and The ability to administer medications. In addition, Your Pet AuPair, is bonded, background-checked and insured for your peace of mind.

Ensuring Your Pet’s Well-being and Safety

While many pets may seem content to wait until we come back home, there are many reasons to use a regular professional for your pet’s care. For example:

What if your heat or air conditioning breaks down? This could pose a safety issue.

Are you recovering from surgery or an illness? Keep your pet happy by keeping them on their regular schedule.

Pets can become sick while you’re gone. They can choke on items like Q-tips, dental floss, rubber bands, electrical wires, etc. Your Pet AuPair can make sure your home and pets are safe during the hours you can’t be there.

If your pet needs medical attention, the pet sitter can make sure they get the professional treatment they need as soon as possible.

In addition:

Young Puppies

  • Young puppies cannot “hold it” for long periods.
  • A consistent routine helps house-train a puppy faster.

Senior Pets

  • Many senior dogs need to go out more often.
  • Seniors often require regular and consistent medications.


  • Cats are curious creatures and can create havoc or get themselves into trouble especially if they are bored. They can become trapped and cut off from food, water and even the litter box making for unpleasant surprises when the owner comes home.

Don’t wait until the last minute.

Just like you would never leave your child in the care of someone you don’t know well, always plan and schedule ahead to get the pet sitter you want and know to care for your pet. Always make sure they are well-experienced and insured for your protection as well (we are!) And always make sure you and your pet are both happy and comfortable with the pet sitter you choose.

So, the next time you need to leave Fido or Felix alone for a day, a week or even more, make sure you’re ready with Your Pet AuPair!

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